Authenticity at munchterm

At munchterm, the authenticity of our products is #1 priority. We take all steps necessary to eliminate counterfeit and fake products from our segment of the market. We take price in our stringent controls which ensure that the items you order are 100% genuine.


RAW Products

All of our RAW products are sourced directly from importers who can verify to us that they have an active HBI International Trade Account. Before working with a supplier/importer, we will ask for proof of their business relationship. If they are unable to provide this information to us, we won't work alongside them.

This process ensures that all RAW products that we stock are RAWthentic.


Disposable Vapes

Sometimes we will remove the packaging from our disposable vapes in order to save space, and reduce carbon emissions in the shipping process. We understand that this may concern some first-time customers.

We remove the packaging for a few different reasons. 

The main reason is that Royal Mail charge considerably more for shipments which are thicker than 25mm. Since the vapes are thinner than 25mm but their packaging is thicker, we remove it in order to save on costs. Our Royal Mail shipping options would have to be slightly more expensive overall if we weren't to do this.

By sending a smaller shipment, we also lower our carbon emissions. Maybe not by a lot, but still enough to have an impact on what our business currently emits.



Verifying Authenticity

If you have concerns about the authenticity of our products, feel free to get in touch at our Help Centre, or by giving us a call on 01274 010 420