Dry Herb Vaporisers

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  • Less Harsh Chemicals

    Dry herb vaporizers heat the herbs at a lower temperature, which helps release the active compounds without producing harmful byproducts like tar and carbon monoxide, which can be found in smoke produced by burning the herbs in a joint.

  • More Discreet

    Vaporizers produce less odor than smoking, making it a better option for those who want to enjoy their herbs without attracting attention. They also don't produce smoke, which means there's no risk of fire or damage to clothing or furniture.

  • Improved Flavour + Aromatics

    Vaporizers allow for a more nuanced and flavorful experience compared to smoking, as they preserve the terpenes and other aromatic compounds found in herbs.

  • More Efficient

    Vaporizing your herbs can provide better utilization of the active compounds, which can lead to a more potent experience while using less material than smoking.

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